From the moment the client requests a massage to the second you leave client location, maintaining a HIGH level of service is critical to client experience.

To maintain a high-level service quality, we collect feedback from clients for the service they received from you (a rating from 1 to 5).

This rating & review system help us keep the service quality standard in Blys platform as high as possible. It also gives us and the therapists the opportunity to get immediate feedback from clients – and ultimately improve our services and platform over time based on that feedback.

The ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 – where 5 indicates ‘amazing’, and 1 indicates ‘very poor’ experience.

  • When a client rates you 5 out of 5, you're automatically added to the client's "Favourites" list - which means you'll be prioritised when that client makes another booking in future.
  • If you receive 1 or 2 stars from a client, our platform automatically adds you to the client's "Blocked" list - so that you and that client are not matched again.

You can find your average rating and your reviews in the Account section in your therapist app or on our website. Our platform takes your average rating (as seen in your profile) into account when sending booking requests out to the therapist network; therapists with higher ratings are prioritised when being notified about new booking requests.

The basic formula is; the better service you provide = the higher ratings you get = the more bookings you receive = the more you earn.