We’re are extremely diligent about our selection & vetting process, as well as the massage therapists we accept to join Blys.

Our vetting process consists of;

  • qualification, insurance and police checks,
  • initial phone-screening,
  • follow-up in-person onboarding session with one of our head therapists where we spend 2 hours per therapist to do an assessment on;
    • equipment,
    • professionalism,
    • massage technique 

We interview each therapist in person and make sure they meet the ‘Blys Standards’ to provide you with the best home massage experience in every city we operate. 

Once a therapist joins our platform, we then use our Client Rating & Review system to maintain the highest level of service quality.

This rigorous process ensures that Blys you get the best customer service and experience every time you book a massage from Blys.